One Year of Pop Cultural Studies!

I didn’t have a post planned for this week, but didn’t want to take this week off, especially since this year started, I have posted at least once each week. But then, I realized: next week is the one year blogaversary of Pop Cultural Studies! 😀 Although I signed up for WordPress last June, my first post, Passing the Sentence: Public Execution as a Motif on Game of Thrones, wasn’t up until July 24th, 2016. So, I figure it is time to celebrate!

Blogaversary 1

Blogaversary 6

Blogaversary 2


Blogaversary 4

Blogaversary 5

Blogaversary 3

In all seriousness, thank you all so much for reading this blog! I hope it has brought you as much joy and entertainment as it has brought me.

And for those who are new to this blog, here’s a list of my favorite posts:

The Man with No Chill: A Moral Analysis of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Do You Believe in Magic: Religion in the World of Harry Potter

The Batman Singularity: How the Caped Crusader has Impacted the Superhero Genre

Intertextuality: Star Wars and Avatar: the Last Airbender

Consumerism and the Darth Vader Toaster / The Force Will be With You, Always: Star Wars as a Cultural Event

Why Varys is my favorite Game of Thrones Character

The Christmas Narrative

Moffat’s Monsters: The Horror Genre of Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat

On Fratricide

Walt Disney World Vol. 2: Epcot

The Gospel of Jon Snow: Christian Allegory in Game of Thrones

Not every character has an important origin story, and that’s okay

To Infinity and Beyond: My love for Toy Story


Geez, I write a lot about Game of Thrones.

Anyway, thanks again to all my loyal readers, I hope to keep you all coming back for more! 🙂


5 thoughts on “One Year of Pop Cultural Studies!

  1. My heartfelt congratulations on your one-year anniversary, Andrew; May I wish you much continued success with your blog, and I very much hope that, when you get a chance, that you please check out mine as well! With ♡-JW 👑


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