PCS Person of the Year

So, you might have heard that TIME magazine recently announced their person of the year, and their selection ruffled a few feathers. Honestly, it seems a little arbitrary, since in 1938 they chose Adolf Hitler and in 1939 they chose Joseph Stalin, and have picked every president-elect since then. Let’s just remember in 2006 when they named “you” the person of the year. Sure, yeah, they meant to represent the up-and-coming creators of internet content, but you get the idea.

So, I propose a few candidates for Pop Cultural Studies Person of the Year. Here we go!

Thrones Season 6 2

How about we start with the cast of Game of Thrones? Kit Harrington deserves a nod for trying so hard to keep the secret of Jon Snow actually being alive under his hat. And I would also be inclined to give it to Sophie Turner because she beautifully reached a high point in her character’s arc. And behind the camera, how about Miguel Sapochnik, who (after directing “Hardhome”) directed “Battle of the Bastards” and “The Winds of Winter” which are some of the best episodes in the course of the show.


Shit man, did you watch Stranger Things? Those child actors were phenomenal. Do you know how rare good child actors are? They’re not common, but these kids rose above and beyond. They’re all great. To get one great child actor, let alone five!

How about Westworld? Absolute titans of acting Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins really excelled in the show. And of course there was Evan Rachel Wood, who referred to Westworld as the “Acting Olympics,” but managed to hold her own. She even used her fame to discuss her sexual assault and bring attention to something women are often discouraged from discussing openly.

Maybe we need to give it to Tom Holland for giving us a new and relieving spin on Spiderman in the wake of the poorly recieved and poorly coordinated Amazing Spiderman 2. To have Captain America: Civil War early in the year and the trailer for Spiderman Homecoming. And not to mention, he went to a children’s hospital, and there’s been plenty of heartwarming pictures of him interacting with kids.


How about the Russo Brothers for directing Civil War, which ended up being the best Superhero movie in a while? How about Mary Elizabeth Winstead for giving us a great and compelling protagonist in 10 Cloverfield Lane? How about J.K. Rowling, who not only gave us two new installments in her Wizarding World franchise, but also “lost her billionaire status” for being such a generous person?

You know, there’s been a lot of talk that 2016 has been a horrendous, terrible year, but when I look at the wonderful people and wonderful stories that entertainment has shown us over the past year, I start to think that there is possibly some good in the world.




That’s why I’d like to give PCS Person of the Year to Jared Leto, as well as the rest of the cast and crew of Suicide Squad for going above and beyond and making the best movie since Citizen Kane. Thanks Warner Bros. You guys really rocked it.



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