What Excites Me Most about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Pop Cultural Studies

Since I can’t go more than two posts on this website without discussing Game of Thrones or Star Wars, we’re due for a post about Star Wars. Which is timely, since the title for the next film was unveiled this week: Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Since this is the internet, everyone’s putting in their two cents about what they think will happen, so let me do the same. No, Luke will not turn evil. He’s not necessarily going to die just because the film is titled The Last Jedi (but he still might). Rey isn’t a Jedi yet, (despite the fact that she uses the force and a lightsaber). So, in effect, Luke is the last Jedi. But this brings up the obvious point that all of Twitter raised. Why is this movie called The Last Jedi when two (chronological) movies ago we had The Return of the…

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