One Last Game of Thrones Post before Season 7

It’s almost time! Game of Thrones comes back this weekend. I’m very excited, but I’m almost entirely drained. My friend and I have been trading theories and speculation for weeks now, I’ve rewatched every episode, I’m currently reading A Feast For Crows, and things are great, but a bit exhausting. Until at least the season ends, I won’t be posting about Thrones. That being said, here’s one last miscellaneous post about a few things that were too long for Twitter, but too short for their own posts.

I tried Game of Thrones Beer for purely academic reasons

Yeah, I tried the Game of Thrones “Bend the Knee” beer, exclusively for the research purposes of this blog. Y’know, I had to. I couldn’t have my readers not knowing what it tastes like.

Just kidding, obviously. A friend of mine got me Bend the Knee as a birthday gift. It’s pretty good. As you can see on the label, they call it a “Golden Ale Brewed with Honey,” whatever that means. It tastes like a less bitter IPA. I don’t particularly like IPAs, but I could stomach this one. Bend the Knee is offered in Stark (seen above), Targaryen, and Lannister versions. They might be different, or they might be the same. Since I’ve only tried the one, I suppose I’ll have to do more research.

“Bending the knee” refers to the act of surrendering to a king. It’s a cool name for a beer, but now that I think about it, we don’t actually see anyone bend the knee in the series. I expect we might see that some time this season, but who knows. Maybe Jon will bend the knee for Daenerys, or Cersei will.

Anyway, Bend the Knee is decent beer. But only if you actually like beer.

Kingslayer, Kinslayer, Queenslayer: How Jaime’s Story MUST end

Jaime 3.jpg

Thesis statement: During this season, Jaime MUST kill Cersei. That’s not a prediction, it’s an inevitability. That’s not a fan theory, it’s a demand for this show to follow.

The story arcs on this show are amazing. Any long-running character like Dany or Tyrion or Arya could have had their own series of novels focusing just on their story and it’d still be a great story. But you know who’s got one of the best story arcs? Jaime Lannister. And the way Jaime’s story (and Cersei’s story) has gone so far, there’s only one way it can end. But let’s quickly review.

At the start of the series, Jaime is renown for having killed Aerys Targareyn, The Mad King, whom he was sworn to protect. He is called “Kingslayer” and looked down upon. In the first episode, he pushes a child out of a window. But pretty much from that time on, he becomes a less villainous and more morally gray character. He refuses to kill Ned when it wouldn’t be honorable to do so, he saves Brienne from dying, and manages to take back Riverrun with minimal bloodshed. But he spends the whole series trying to justify to other people the killing of his king. When Catelyn challenges him on his breaking of vows, he defends himself such:

“‘Defend the king, obey the king. Obey your father. Protect the innocent, defend the weak.’ What if your father despises the king? What if the king massacres the innocent? It’s too much. No matter what you do you’re forsaking one vow or another.”

And I think that’s a pretty succinct expression of why Jaime did what he did. He wanted to help the greatest number of people, and if he hadn’t acted, King’s Landing would have been destroyed. What he did, in his eyes, was just, despite what everyone else thinks.

So that takes us to Season 6, which ends with his sister/lover Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor, killing hundreds of people (Or maybe thousands, I don’t know what the full head count is). I think one very telling thing is the look on Jaime’s face. On the left is his face when he realizes the sept has been blown up, and on the right is his face when he sees Cersei on the throne.

One is the face of horrified shock, one is the face of hateful duty.

Jaime has spent six seasons trying to redeem himself for what he did during the Rebellion. Trying to restore his honor. And if he truly believes what he tells other people about his decision to kill the Mad King, then he will realize that in order to save the city, he must once again kill the person he was sworn to serve; he must kill Cersei.

(This isn’t even considering things like oh, Jaime might kill Euron or Euron might kill Cersei?)

Does Ramsay have a friend?

Jaime 4.jpegWhen I was rewatching earlier seasons, I noticed something weird that I wanted to know more about.

This is Locke. He works as a bounty hunter for the Boltons. You might remember him as the guy who chops off Jaime’s hand. After capturing Jaime, he gets sent north of the Wall to capture Bran Stark, only to have his neck snapped by Hodor (who was under Bran’s warg control). So he’s a minor character, but he’s not entirely insignificant. But I for one would have loved to see a lot more of him. Why? Because of one brief exchange of dialogue in this scene when he returns with Roose Bolton and chats with psycopath Ramsay.

*Locke and Ramsay shake hands*

Ramsay: “I hear you took a hand from the Kingslayer!”

Locke: “Word travels! How he screamed; you would have loved it.

Given the handshake and the warm, happy way Locke speaks, it makes it seem as though the two have a friendly rapport. What an odd thing to think about. This little dialogue exchange makes it seem like Locke and Ramsay are friends.

Think about how cool it would’ve been if Locke survived a little longer! Sure, he’s just kind of Ramsay-lite, but he would have made for a less-psychopathic sidekick and friend for Ramsay. Think about Ramsay having a voice of reason sitting next to him all the while during Seasons 5 and 6 as Stannis and then Jon prepare to attack Winterfell. For those who saw Luke Cage, think about how the personality of “Shades” clashes with that of Cottonmouth and Diamondback. I don’t know exactly what more Locke would have looked like, but it would have been very interesting to see.


That’s it for this post! I’m definitely be watching this season and probably tweeting about it. Next week I’ll have a new post that will be about something non-Thrones related. I don’t know what yet. As always, thanks for reading! 🙂


One thought on “One Last Game of Thrones Post before Season 7

  1. They are driving me crazy with the direction they are taking Jamie’s character this season! Its almost too much of a sure thing that it would be shocking if Dave and Dan did not end up having Jamie do the deed. Thinking about it, I wonder if Daenerys ends up killing her because of the whole gender conversation with Missandei about the Prince that was Promised prophesy. This allows the younger brother to be any female or male that’s a younger sibling so the opportunities open up. Ill have to try that beer out.. for strictly research purposes.

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