Why the Justice League Movie Will Probably Suck

I recently wrote an article for No Coast Bias about the issues facing the upcoming Justice League movie. I hadn’t intended to write this post, but I saw Thor: Ragnarok the other day, which had a trailer for Justice League, and I just think that the movie looks so bad that I was compelled to put this post together.

But whatever, I hope they prove me wrong. Anyway, here’s the post:

Why the Justice League Movie Will Probably Suck | No Coast Bias

3 thoughts on “Why the Justice League Movie Will Probably Suck

  1. I was thinking of seeing this movie but I am skeptical. I seriously don’t like Ben Affleck as Batman. I don’t really like him as an actor in general and Batman is my favorite. I might see if just to see it! But I agree about how the superhero team up is getting stale. It definitely is and even though I like the Avengers movies, it gets a little confusing trying to keep up with all the story lines in each hero’s movies.

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    1. Yeah, early reviews are starting to come out and it seems like more and more people are saying that while it’s not exactly great, it is a fun and decent movie. Which honestly, I’m glad to hear.
      But yeah, Avengers especially; you’ve got the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, now Thor has his own little team. It’s all a bit much.

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  2. I hope it doesn’t suck, I just want to it to be good enough so that WB keep the universe going. I just want to see DC characters also getting justice(pun intended) in live action stage just like marvel characters.

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