Westworld Season 2 is almost here!

I don’t have a full-length post this week, but with Westworld‘s second season almost upon us, I’d be wrong not to highlight just how excited I am for it.

I recently had a post on the website No Coast Bias about why I think that the Season 1 finale is about as perfect a season finale as you’re going to get in this golden age of television. You can read that here:

How to Write a Cliffhanger: Looking Back at Westworld’s S1 Finale | No Coast Bias

Westworld 2

My main concern – I almost say it in the article – is that Westworld might have difficulty sustaining its success. I worry that it’ll be like most other shows J.J. Abrams was involved with like Lost and Fringe – that it’ll fizzle out as it gets to the end. I just don’t think that Westworld will have a better and more fulfilling chance to conclude than it did at the end of the first season. I don’t want this to happen, but I have a hunch that Westworld might be one of those shows that in 10-20 years we’ll say, “The first few seasons are great, but it kind of tapers off in the end.”

Even still, I’m so excited for the new season.

The other thing I want to write about – but it’s not nearly enough for a full-length post is about the loving-but-frustrated relationship that the Westworld creators have with their fanbase, who managed to predict the show’s biggest twist weeks before it happened. So, in response the showrunners offered to release a video outlining all the major twists so that fans could immediately see if their theories would come true. And the results were… very interesting. (No spoilers.) To see that, click here.


4 thoughts on “Westworld Season 2 is almost here!

  1. Ugh I loved the early seasons of Fringe! But, I have yet to find a single show that doesn’t fizzle at some point, unless it got cancelled after the first season. Stranger Things claim they won’t be making so many seasons that it goes stale, but I don’t know. Because when you throw enough money at writers and creators, why should they stop when it makes sense for the story?

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    1. Now that you mention it, I’m desperately trying to think of a show that has had a very satisfying ending – and I feel like I can’t. My first reaction is to say Scrubs, which had a lovely and sentimental ending that was a perfect place to leave off – but then came back for a completely unnecessary and critically-panned ninth season. In a day or two I’ll probably think of something that had a great ending, but it’s hard to say.

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