Happy 3rd Anniversary PCS!

There are so many thing I want to talk about today, especially since San Diego Comic Con is going on. The Star Wars animated series Clone Wars was renewedJames Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3*, Aquaman received a full length trailer, Shazam received a full length trailer AND THE GREATEST ANIMATED TELEVISION SHOW OF ALL TIME RECEIVED A TRAILER FOR ITS THIRD SEASON? (spoilers for S1 and S2) And I saw Sorry to Bother You!

But y’know what? Today’s post isn’t about that!


Happy birthday to this very blog!

Three years ago today, I uploaded my first post to this blog – an essay of debatable quality called Passing the Sentence: Public Execution as a Motif on Game of Thrones. And it’s interesting because looking back at that post, it’s interesting to see how the focus of this blog has shifted – “Passing the Sentence” reflects the much more “academic” tone I wanted to take. And that’s fine, I’m proud of the work I’ve done on this blog.

As I did on my previous blog-anniversary, I just want to share a few of my favorite posts from the past few years:

One Perfect Shot: Appreciating Cinematic Beauty

Underrated: Seven Psychopaths

The Quixotic Quest of The Last Jedi’s Fan Remake

What Should We Call Them: Nolan, Dunkirk, and Nazis

Content versus Commentary: Exposition in Dystopian Storytelling

The MCU Villain Problem: But What About Ego?

In Defense of “Roll Credits” Moments

Most Complaints about the Last Jedi are Dumb

“Han Shot First” is important (not for the reasons you think)

Why Netflix’s Castlevania Succeeded | The Science of Adaptation

Seinfeld demonstrates how to do a proper clip show episode

What makes a good trailer?

Not to mention, there were some big moments! PCS somehow found itself on this list of Top 20 Pop Culture Blogs to Follow in 2018. My blog is on the same list as The Mary Sue! That’s awesome! (Well, it’s awesome for me, if I were the people over at The Mary Sue, I’d be mildly insulted to be lumped in with PCS! Haha!)

And this satirical post about the “Disney critic conspiracy” somehow found itself in a piece by Vox. (And it seems as thought the author might not have known that the post was satire! It had a “this is a work of satire” disclaimer at the end of the post, so we instead moved it to the top of the post, just to be abundantly clear.) That was pretty neat, it lead to a bump in readership numbers for a few days.

If you’re interested in supporting this blog, I really appreciate it! The best way to support it would be to share it with friends who you think would be interested, show them this blog! If you’ve got a WordPress blog, then definitely feel free to reblog or link to my posts. Maybe follow me on Twitter?

Most importantly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my readers. You guys are the lifeblood of this blog, and your readership means the world to me!

I’d like to thank a few specific followers – namely, Mayur and Amy Caudill, who like just about every post and more often than not will leave a comment. Check out their wonderful blogs – It’s Mayur, Remember? and AmyCaudill.net.



*I recommend checking out these nuanced opinions about James Gunn’s firing from the next Guardians of the Galaxy film: his brother/actor Sean Gunn and Lindsay Ellis.

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