Blogging Search Terms; or, My Greatest Hits

Search Terms 1WordPress has a fascinating statistics feature for content creators, where you can sometimes see what people searched to find your blog. I say “sometimes” because often results will come up under “Unknown Search Terms.” But otherwise, the Search Terms section gives some insight into how Google finds your blog.

And the results for my blog are unsurprising. Most of the searches go to the same six posts. There are a million variations of “Jon Snow Jesus” or “Biblical imagery in Game of Thrones” which lead to this blog’s most popular post The Gospel of Jon Snow: Christian Allegory in Game of Thrones. Many people search “What Makes a Good Movie Trailer,” which leads to my post What makes a good trailer?. A surprising amount of people find one of this blog’s earliest posts when looking for critical writing on The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I get a hilarious amount of people searching for evidence that Disney pays critics leading them to a post by my guest writer Lucas Snyder that definitely proves that. And of course, I get a lot of Game of Thrones fans looking for other people whose favorite character is Varys – leading to this post, Why Varys is my favorite Game of Thrones Character.

But here are searches that don’t necessarily lead to a specific post, but I wanted to showcase and respond to. So without further ado, here are the interesting – and moderately funny – things that people search before they find this blog.

“Why wasn’t Peter Dinklage in Harry Potter

This probably found my post about how much I respect Peter Dinklage‘s selective nature when choosing roles. He doesn’t particularly like taking roles that would have him as a magical kind of dwarf because of the way he feels it fantasizes the struggle of being a little person.

Varys 1

He prefers to only take roles that actually do something to capture the things the experience of being someone of his size. Basically, he prefers playing actual people dealing with the struggles of being someone like him. Think of his role as Tyrion in Game of Thrones, where the whole kingdom seems to silently hate him for being a dwarf. Or, for an entirely different performance, think of his role in Elf, where he reaches his emotional breaking point and beats up Buddy. Dinklage disliked his time in Chronicles of Narnia because he was playing against that type, and instead just doing the typical fantasy-dwarf kind of role.

Also, there was a rule for casting in Harry Potter that only British actors were to be cast. Dinklage is an American from the magical land of New Jersey, so he’s disqualified anyway.

“Is Varys a good character in Game of Thrones?

In terms of being interesting and compelling, sure. Morally, it’s debatable, but I think so. That’s one thing I wrote about in the above post – how he’s morally gray, but ultimately does everything to serve the greater good. Isn’t that what matters?

“valid complaints about Rose tlj [The Last Jedi]”

Wow, whoever searched that must have been disappointed with what they found.

“Which of the 12 Angry Men Are you?”


I laughed my ass off when I saw that someone found my Personal Favorites post about 12 Angry Men by googling for a Buzzfeed-style personality quiz about 12 Angry Men. The most disappointing thing about this search was that the quiz doesn’t actually exist! The closest thing is this IMDb survey which lets you pick which of the 12 Angry Men you think you are, but that lets you pick instead of telling you. Like, come on IMDb. I think I’d be Juror #4, but I need someone to tell me that. Which one of the 12 Angry Men AM I?! WHICH ONE?!

“Do they acknowledge Jesus in Game of Thrones

They do not.

“Young Justice Female Characters”


Yes! Young Justice had an amazing first two seasons before it was cancelled by WB Execs – allegedly, because it appealed to young girls who weren’t buying action figures. But Young Justice is coming back with the DC Universe app, and might be the best thing to come out of that launch.

“Littlefinger and Varys greatest Game of Thrones characters”

Here, let me fix that for you; “Littlefinger and Varys greatest Game of Thrones characters

Varys 2

“Contact Rachel Maddow

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that.

“Justice League Suck”

Big agree.

“D&D [Game of Thrones showrunners David and Dan] don’t care about Arya”

This is an easy knee-jerk reaction to the two seasons Arya spent in Braavos, which had its ups and downs – but mostly downs. But it’s easy to forget that many of Arya’s best scenes on the show do not come from the book. A Clash of Kings has her interact with Roose Bolton, but Season 2 has her interact with Tywin Lannister, which adds so much more tension and makes for much more interesting scenes. And Season 4? Pardon my french, but fucking forget it; If S4 was an exact adaptation of the second half of A Storm of Swords, his story would end in the first episode of Season 4, where the Hound and Arya duel at the Crossroads Inn.

Game of Thrones really excels at “Character A and Character B bond as they walk together on their way to Destination C,” and I don’t think there’s a better example than Arya and the Hound.

“Is [Mission Impossible Director] Christopher Mcquarie related to [Star Wars concept artist] Ralph McQuarie?”

He appears not to be, but that’d be cool.

“Steve’s Friends on Stranger Things are underrated”

Well, kind of. It’s kind of funny how absurdly rude they are. In hindsight, I am a little disappointed that they weren’t in Season 2 much. Season 2 just had Billy, who was even more absurdly rude, just less funny.

Search Terms 4.jpg

“How awesome is Varys”

Very awesome. In fact, the most awesome.

“Will Byers is underappreciated”

Definitely. I actually touched upon this in my PCS Person of the Year 2017 edition – I felt like Stranger Things season 2 Stranger Things 2 smartly gave Will more screentime. That kid’s got some solid acting chops.

“Is Cameron Frye suicidal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”

This is something that appeared a handful of times in the searches, bringing up my post from May 2016, called “Ferris Bueller should not be the main character of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” which, now that I write the title out again, I realize it’s a mouthful. But in that post, I made the point that I thought Cameron tries to commit suicide towards the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s an interesting and important moment in the movie – it’s definitely one of the heaviest scenes in a mostly light movie.

I covered this briefly in my initial post, but Cameron’s pseudo-attempted suicide – or prank – works kind of like baptism. He goes underwater, wanting to die, and when he comes up, he wants to live.

Varys 5
Stay golden, Master of Whispers.

“Lord Varys is a gangsta”

You’re damn right he is.

As always, thanks for reading! For other users of WordPress, what are some of the interesting things you’ve seen on that “Search Terms” menu?

4 thoughts on “Blogging Search Terms; or, My Greatest Hits

    1. Yeah I kind of glossed over that a little quick. She sees Tywin from a distance but serves as cupbearer to Roose Bolton, whereas in the show they recycled a lot of her scenes with Bolton so now she was serving Tywin.
      Good call!

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