Survivor Contestant Rankings #250-226

hugh 1

Hey Fans! Sorry for the delay in posts.  My computer crashed on me, and was out of commission for a few weeks, so I haven’t been able to post.  But I am back and plan to wrap up this series.  Also, I know I missed the most recent season, David vs. Goliath.  But I plan to cover it after I do this ranking of the first 36 seasons, I’ll write up where the latest batch of Survivors would’ve ended up in my ranking.

So, without further ado, lets get this started

  1. Charlie Herschel (Gabon)

I like Charlie.  He helped form ‘The Onion” alliance with Marcus, which made him a power player early on in the season.   He’s also pretty funny, like when he says, “Now we’re playing stupid Survivor” when the Fang tribe assembles a terrible tribe.  Although I do question why they edited the only gay contestant to be obsessed with another male player.

Still, Charlie is a decent character, but he doesn’t get a lot of content because his tribe only  goes to Tribal Council twice. So overall, he is just overshadowed by a lot of bigger characters.

hugh 2

  1. Cassandra Franklin (Fiji)

Cassandra was the contestant that was “out of her element”.  I think they were trying to make her the Cirie 2.0, but she never managed to fill that role. She played a big part in helping Earl and Yau Man’s alliance take control of the season.

hugh 3

I would say that Cassandra was nice,and the jury was really really unnecessarily nasty to her.  Seriously, they refused to vote for her because they didn’t like her shoes.

  1. Benry Henry (Nicaragua)

Benry falls under the category of ‘Nice, inoffensive guys’.  But I enjoy his sense of humor in confessionals. Lines like, “It’s time to dethrone the king of Espada. Benry’s here, baby”, or “You’re a Grade-A dirt squirrel”.   Not exactly the most memorable, but still pretty fun.

  1. Jenna Lewis (Borneo, All Stars)

Jenna is a mixed bag of a castaway.  On Borneo, she gets labeled as the ‘young annoying girl’. Still, she’s given some solid content.  She is the only one not given a loved ones video message, and she starts crying. There’s nothing gameplay related to this, it’s just heartbreaking to watch her break down and cry.  You understand how much her daughters mean to her, and how much of a toll this game is taking on her. After all of these seasons, this is still one of the saddest moments of the series.

hugh 4

Jenna is the last of the Pagong tribe to try and take on Richard. She leaves the game as a solid and likeable character…

Then she returns for All Stars.  Jenna pushes the hardest for the ‘anti-winners’ voting.  So a lot of fan favorites go down early. After that, she joins an alliance with Rob and Amber, and follows them around to the end.  She doesn’t do a lot, but she’s still very arrogant throughout the season. I especially hated the way she treated Shii Ann.

Overall, Jenna is hard to rank because I really like her in one season, but hate her other appearance.

  1. Des Afuye (Ghost Island)

hugh 5

Throughout the season Des only gives generic strategy content.  Usually this wouldn’t be too bad, except the strategy of Ghost Island is so predictable that it’s actually annoying. I mean, really Des, you’re going to stick with the people on the Naviti tribe because they have the majority? That’s so groundbreaking please tell me more!

This is a shame because I’m sure there was a fun character buried somewhere in Des.  I mean, she set her tribe flag on fire, that’s creative, right?

At the very least, Des gave us a solid downfall.  Her boot episode is such a trainwreck, it’s one of the few great episodes of Ghost Island.  Still, Des can’t reverse the curse of being a boring character from this season

  1. Alex Angarita (Fiji)

hugh 6

Probably the least awful of the Four Horsemen.  He feels bad for the way people treat Anthony and Dreamz, and is a decent narrator.  He finds the idol, but gets betrayed by Dreamz. He is the last of the 4 Horsemen standing, but can’t overcome Earl’s alliance.

His jury speech is uncomfortable to sit through.  Like, I get why he would yell at Dreamz, but his attacks against Cassandra are just out of nowhere. It’s pretty cringeworthy.  Not really one of my favorites, so I’ll put him here

  1. Sunday Burquest (Milllennials vs Gen X)

hugh 7

Sunday doesn’t get a lot of content.  Usually other members of her alliance get to.  Instead, a lot of Sunday’s confessionals are about wanting to get rid of Jessica, because… reasons.

I have the feeling that producers really wanted Sunday to be the ‘Christian Mom’ archetype, that’s just there to be nice and go out early without having any strategic content.  For the most part Sunday does fit that archetype, but I think Sunday had a lot more game in her than we’re shown. Seriously, she somehow tricks Adam & Hannah about who Zeke’s alliance is voting for. Then manages to get the opposing alliance to waste an idol.  I see you Sunday, don’t think your gameplay went unnoticed!

hugh 8

  1. Ralph Kiser (Redemption Island)

The man who took down Russell Hantz! Ralph is the redneck of the season.  He’s kind of fun to watch, but nothing amazing.

  1. Brandon Hantz (South Pacific, Caramoan)

hugh 9

Bear with me for a moment, Brandon in South Pacific is really not that bad. Brandon was obviously stunt casting. Production thought that because they couldn’t bring Russell Hantz back for another season, the next best thing would be having his nephew on the season and have him talk about Russell in all his confessionals. Brandon also has a gross moment where he boots Mikayla in the pre-merge because she is ‘tempting’ him.

That being said, he isn’t that bad otherwise. Brandon is Born-Again, and feels uncomfortable breaking promises.  He gives his allies undying loyalty, and even stands up for Cochran when everyone wants to kill him. His boot is really uncomfortable, Coach and Albert force him to give up Immunity so they can blindside him. This leads to Brandon’s jury speech.  He’s clearly hurt that the people he cared about betrayed him so easily. His question to Albert comes from a place of pain, he gave everything to his allies, and they betrayed him. Brandon’s character arc is a young man simply trying his best to be a better person. He gets more screen time than he probably should’ve, but the story itself isn’t that bad.

Brandon’s appearance in Caramoan is harder to defend.  He’s very clearly not in a good head space, and should not be competing. Brandon’s meltdown is one of the most uncomfortable moments of the series, and just feels exploitative.  This isn’t entirely Brandon’s fault.  Producer’s should have been able to tell during his psych evaluation that he wasn’t fit to be on the show.  For that, I’m putting him here.

  1. Cole Meddlers (Heroes v Healers v Hustlers)

hughs 10

Cole definitely made the most mistakes on this season.  He could never keep secrets, and had some obnoxious habits at camp; like licking the communal cooking utensils.  He has a showmance with Jessica, which I found to be overbearing at some points.

Some people love Cole because he’s a ‘train wreck’ character; but I don’t really find that archetype funny.  Instead, I just find him annoying

240 Will Wahl (Millennials vs. Gen X)

hughs 11

The youngest player ever.  Will was a lot of fun when he was excited about milk, and starting the ‘Jay has an Idol’ moment.  He gets a little annoying when he tries to make a ‘big move’ and I felt really bad about him being ‘tested’ by Ken. Like most of the MVGX contestants, I found Will to be an enjoyable character.

hughs 12

  1. Becky Lee (Cook Islands)

She plays a huge role in the Aitu 4 as Yul’s primary advisor.  However, beyond that Becky doesn’t do much. She’s kind of boring in her confessionals, and doesn’t have a lot of personality.  The only reason to really root for Becky is because she is a part of the Aitu 4, which is admittedly a personal favorite storyline. By no means a bad character, just not exactly an exciting one

  1. Grant Mattos (Redemption Island)

hughs 13

He’s fine.  He was Boston Rob’s right hand man, but got booted for being a physical threat.  Grant seemed like a nice guy… He was tired of Phillip’s BS during ‘Rice Wars’… Like I said, he’s fine.


  1. Lydia Morales (Guatemala)

hughs 14

What makes Lydia a great character is her positivity.  One of my favorite scenes in Guatemala is when she tries to cheer up her tribe before a challenge by doing cartwheels and juggling.  That’s just plain awesome. She keeps this attitude throughout the game, and makes the season a fun watch.

  1. LeAnn Slaby (Vanuatu)

hughs 15

Okay, so I get that LeAnn was actually behind a lot of the strategy in Vanuatu, unfortunately, the edit didn’t show it. Because of this, LeAnn gets hidden behind a lot of other great characters and ends up being pretty forgettable.

I mean, I liked when she went on the reward with Julie.  Also, she has easily the coolest confessional of all time with the earthquake.  But, that’s all I can really say.

  1. Tammy Leitner (Marquesas)

hughs 16

Tammy is the second in command for the Rotu 4.  Just like John, she is very cocky and thinks that she is in control of the game.  However, once she loses control of the game, she is forced to scramble and survive.

This leads Tammy to have one of the best voting confessionals, “Zoe, I’m voting you out tonight, because, well, I just don’t like you”.  Overall, Tammy has some good moments, some great lines and a solid downfall.

  1. Clarence Black (Africa)

hughs 17

Clarence is a dead-man walking from the start when he *gasps* takes two cherries for food.  He spends the rest of his time trying to make it up to the Boran tribe, but they don’t want anything to do with him.  He eventually gets booted when he loses Rock-Paper-Scissors to T-Bird. Clarence keeps his word, and steps down, knowing he will go home.

Clarence was never a bad guy, just an example of how hard it is to stop being a target.

  1. Edna Ma (South Pacific)

hughs 18

I really like Edna. The first thing she does is help Coach with his bags when the rest of the tribe turns their back on him. She spends the rest of the game being nice to everyone, even though her tribe doesn’t value her. Even as a South Pacific defender, I still get upset with the way the Upolu tribe treated her. She tried to be nice to people, and they just insult her.

Also, Edna deserves credit for some great voting confessionals. “I hope this helps your modeling career”, such a great mix of snarky and sincere. Edna really deserved better on her season.

  1. Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur)

hughs 19

When I first watched San Juan Del Sur, I couldn’t stand Baylor.  Reed described her the best when he called her a “brat”.  It felt that Baylor always relied on her mother to fight her battles for her.  Once the merge came, I felt she was an insignificant part of the majority alliance.

However, on a re-watch of the season I found a new appreciation for Baylor.  Yeah, Baylor is still kind of a brat, but there is a lot more to her that I didn’t notice on the first time.  For example, by the end of the season, Baylor matures enough that she ends up having to tell her mom who to vote out.  Also, Baylor’s friendship with Natalie is pretty enjoyable, even if it ends with her being blindsided.

She goes from relying on her mother for everything, to having the confidence to blindside her allies.  Not necessarily my favorite player, but definitely a decent one. If you didn’t like Baylor, I strongly recommend giving San Juan Del Sur a rewatch, she’s a lot better than you remember.

  1. Vecepia Towery (Marquesas)

hughss 20

The series’ first ever Under-the-Radar winner; Vecepia proved it was possible to win without the flashiest gameplay.

As a character, Vecepia was calmer than her allies Sean and Boston Rob.  She would also say “No more drama” Before immediately causing more drama. Vecepia was also part of the underdog alliance that over.

The stuff that I like about Vecepia is all gameplay related.  Like how she immediately makes a Final 2 deal with Neleh after her ally loses the Final Immunity Challenge.  It’s just shocking to see Vecepia be so cold blooded.

As a player, I respect the hell out of Vecepia! But as a character, I just found myself more invested in every other character than her.

  1. Candice Woodcock (Cook Islands, Heroes vs. Villains, Blood vs. Water)

hughss 21

Candice has played three times… and I have kind of hated her in every appearance.

In Cook Islands, she decides to mutiny against the Aitu tribe after she gets herself in a solid majority alliance, because reasons. Like, I guess she thought she was in danger, but the edit makes it perfectly clear that she had nothing to worry about.  Oh, and after this she cries because her former tribe is angry at her for abandoning them.

Her decision to betray her entire tribe makes her a perfect candidate to return for Heroes vs. Villains as a Hero (Sarcasm).  In a heroic move, she decides to flip on her tribe at the merge, and dooms the entire season to be controlled by Russell Hantz.  Also, she calls Parvati an abused housewife at FTC. Classy!

Finally, in Blood vs. Water, she is immediately voted out of her tribe and spends the entire time on Redemption Island.  However, that doesn’t stop her from yelling at Brad Culpepper, a man she has had no interaction with, and literally has no idea what the power structure of the Tadhana tribe is.  I think my favorite part of this is when Brad is voted out, and she refuses to apologize for how she had treated him, even though she was wrong.

I feel bad, because honestly Candice isn’t that bad.  She’s amazing at challenges, and gives pretty good confessionals.  However, her negative content always outweighs her good, so I’m putting her this low on the list.

  1. Katie Collins (Blood vs. Water)

hughss 22

One of the under-the radar characters of the season.  She has a lot less energy than her mother. Don’t really remember a lot about her, other than she drew the wrong rock at Tribal.  Also she wasn’t a fan of Tyson’s jokes. Not a bad character, Katie is very nice, she just didn’t leave a lasting impression on me.

  1. Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands)

hughss 23

‘Ryno’ is a bit of a train wreck character.  In the premiere he decides to run ahead of his tribe to get supplies… only to realize he has no money to barter with. Or he takes off his clothes in the middle of a challenge to support a tribe member, also in the premiere.

Ryno spends most of the time as the second in command to Savage.  Only rather than being the leader, he is the ‘nice guy’ of the tribe. This trait reaches a peak when he decides to bring a pelican over to visit the shelter.

  1. Brendan Synnott (Tocantins)

hughss 24

Brendan is one of the main characters of the Timbira tribe during the pre-merge of Tocantins.  He has a smart idea by forming the exile-alliance with Taj and Stephen. Unfortunately, Brendan forgets to tell Sierra about the alliance, which is pretty funny.  He is also the only person on Timbira that is nice to Sierra.

At the merge, he goes on a reward with JT, and makes it his goal for JT to win, which is a little annoying. He ends up being the ‘Dragon’ for Coach to slay.

Overall, Brendan is a solid character, just not the most memorable of his season.

  1. Jessica Lewis (Millennials vs. Gen X)

hughss 25

Jessica starts off as a solid strategist, and has a lot of gameplay content.  However, Jessica will always be remembered for her heartbreaking elimination. Honestly, as someone that’s a little indecisive, Jessica’s elimination has given me nightmares, and if anyone deserves a second chance, it’s her.



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