With the fourth season of Westworld merely days away, I wanted to highlight five scenes from the show’s first three seasons to show just how Westworld is a staple of the burgeoning Golden Age of Television! (Did I use the word burgeoning right? Let me know in the comments below!)


5. The Opening Scene in Sweetwater

This is the perfect way to start off the show – the characters we’re following are perfectly neutral – it’s unsure if he’s human or robot, and kind of represents both the show (who are used to and know the loops) and the audience (who doesn’t). It’s pretty good and pretty basic worldbuilding. Real neat!

4. This cool action set-piece where the Man in Black wakes up and has a terrible hangover and has to escape this neat lil trap.

April West 1.PNG

I couldn’t find a youtube video to embed, so we’ll just have to settle for a still image. Yeah, go rewatch this scene from the ninth episode of the first season. It’s awesome!

3. The Man in Black shoots the tourists in the middle of the movie

Wow, what a cool moment that shows we’ve only got like half an hour left in the movie and the stakes are SUPER HIGH! So cool!

2. When Teddy, the Man in Black, and Eli Wallach duel in the graveyard.

Gee, I hope I’m getting these character names right!


  1. When Teddy realizes SOMEONE POISONED THE WATER HOLE and he has to go hunt down the criminals.

And who can forget this spectacular moment from the first season finale?! Wow, how unforgettable. This makes me so excited for the second season of the show, where Teddy might realize that he is actually just a toy at the whim of the gods! Wow, what a show!


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