Game Grumps, at it again

Wow, the Game Grumps hurt my feelings. Again! They did another thing *I* didn’t like!

Now obviously, I need to clarify the way I found out about this – it was on, which is the only place where I get my news regarding the Game Grumps Chumps. I unsubscribed from their YouTube channel two years ago when Arin explained that he didn’t want the word to use “Crazy” anymore because he thought it was ableist or some shit like that. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. This is America, damn it, and anyone who is trying not to be considered ableist is a COWARD! Of course, like everyone who joins R/RantGrumps, I did a lengthy post about how unsubscribing was the most monumentally important thing I’ve ever done.

But y’know what, let’s start more recently than that. A few weeks ago, Arin and Dan, the Game Grumps Chumps put together a video about playing bootleg russian games! Last week did a video about playing a lost game that they were puportedly just “rediscovering” a lost Ukranian game.

What we found instead was that this was just done to promote a new game they have coming out! Are you kidding me!

Then earlier today – or yesterday, or a long time ago depending on when you read this – Arin tweeted out a link to an Amazon preorder for a book by someone named Dr. Cecil H.H. Mills. In the twitter thread, he showed a video of him listening to a voicemail from Dr. Mills, who identified himself as Arin’s uncle, asking if Arin could promote his upcoming book on his “Games Radio Show about Games.”

Game Chumps 1

I’ll link to his tweet, but, like, don’t watch the video I’m referring to.

Game Chumps 2

And the most frustrating thing is that it totally sounds like Arin! People wisely pointed out that fact, and Arin even followed up, asking people to stop pointing out that his uncle sounds like him because he clearly doesn’t.


Checkmate, Arin, you’ve been found out! We know that that’s you! And we are MAD! (For some reason.)

[This is where I was going to include a stock photo of a detective but that stock photo cost too much money, time, and mostly effort, so just imagine someone looking very smugly through a magnifying class while smoking a pipe or something.]

And that’s when we found out that Arin was lying! All of the comments and retweets and detweets pointed out that this was pretty obviously a Game Grumps project that Arin was at least partially or entirely behind. And this raises the question, of how heinous it is to LIE to your “FANS”.

And I’m inclined to say – fuckin’ never. It’s never okay to LIE to a fan.

In the video Arin was clearly pretty irritated to be hearing from his “uncle,” and it just feels so dishonest and sleezy. He lied about having family he didn’t like!

Telling a cute and amusing (and not plausible or believable) story is NOT OKAY! Even if it is later revealed officially to be just in good fun and not actively hurting anyone. Lying is lying!

Game Chumps 3

And y’know what, if this is true, Arin’s bit about having family members he didn’t like wasn’t fair because I have family members I don’t like and would also market their self-published book! This sorry attempt at “humor” hit too close to home!

Arin, if you’re reading this (and I know you are) here’s why you can’t do this stuff.

  1. Everyone implicitly believes everything to be real if it’s on the internet. Nothing is fabricated, especially not for money.
  2. Everyone definitely believes that you, as a thirty-year-old billionaire gamer, could so easily be forced to promote something you really aren’t interested in.
  3. I have family that I don’t get along with, and having you lie about having family you don’t get along with UPSETS ME!

If Arin wanted to write and publish a book, he could have just written and published a book without making up some elaborate and unnecessary story about his tedious relative! What is he trying to do by making up a story like that, display his abilities as a storyteller? And why would he make up a name like Dr. Cecil HH Mills?!

When I pitched this post idea to Andrew, the editor in chief of this blog, he pointed out that pseudonyms are a fairly common practice in publishing. He suggested that I read authors like “Richard Bachman,” “Mary Westmacott,” or “Robert Gailbraith,” well, I don’t know who those hacks are, and I don’t care! I didn’t start watching YouTube so I could read!

This game will probably be trash and this book will probably be trash, and if you buy it, you’re condoning the Grumps lying to their fans and you should feel bad!

This blog’s editor in cheif Andrew told me to leave the readers with some concluding questions, so here they are, here we go:

  • Is it okay for “entertainers” to “lie” to “their” “fans” in order to “promote” “something”?
  • Did Arin Hanson hurt your feelings and betray your trust as much as he did mine?
  • What minor inconvenience angered you to the point where you jumped ship and started posting on R/RantGrumps

The Game Grumps Chumps are BAD and they should FEEL BAD!

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