“Boys Support Boys” is YouTube’s Wholesome Meme of 2019

I tend to watch a lot of YouTube, and I’m always very interested in it as a medium and how it changes over time, the creators who rise and fall, and the stories that surround them. Recently, there’s been a dialogue about individuals who leave traditional mediums to go to YouTube – like Jack Black or Will Smith – and individuals who leave YouTube to go to traditional mediums – like Lilly Singh. Bringing together two of those aspects – the fall of one creator, and the arrival of someone from a traditional medium – there is Have A Seat With Chris Hansen, an investigation lead by former To Catch a Predator star Chris Hansen into the allegations against long-time YouTuber Onision.

However, Chris Hansen has been a topic of conversation among mid-level YouTubers, and even lead to one of my favorite YouTube memes of 2019: “Boys support boys.” And for that, we go to one of the platform’s newest dynamic duos: Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback.

Act I: Gus and Eddy’s Commentary

Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback are two rising creators on the platform. Gus’ channel currently has almost 2 Million subscribers, and Eddy’s currently has over 483,000, both of which are pretty impressive numbers. The two frequently collaborate, often working together on comedy sketches, co-hosting their podcast, and filming YouTube commentary videos (both separately and together).

Their first mention of Chris Hansen came when, as a part of his commentary series, Gus Johnson made a video about one of Chris Hansen’s increased YouTube presence through the channel, which led to his commentary video “Chris Hansen Is Back And Better Than Ever.”

He watched a video of Hansen busting a predator who was seeking to meet with a young girl and eating pizza all throughout their interview/interrogation. (To see that video, click here, it’s delightfully uncomfortable.) Gus comments on the video, and makes some fun jokes, mostly dunking on the predator and talking about how much he loves Chris Hansen; and that passion for the former To Catch a Predator host is what makes Gus’ commentary on the video so fun to watch in this case.

Gus and Eddy’s passion for Chris Hansen lead to them watching his growing presence on YouTube; and when they noticed that Chris Hansen’s uploads were not the highest quality they could be, they quickly made what they called “an emergency meme video.”

Act II: “You guys, Chris Hansen needs our help”

April 20th, 2019

Gus and Eddy made a commentary video going upload by upload through Chris Hansen’s channel, explaining what Hansen is doing wrong from the perspective of a YouTuber. They mention low video quality, videos that could potentially be copyright claimed, and the channel interface. The duo notes that Hansen’s channel needs to fix certain things, but they really hit frequently on the note that Hansen’s online presence has a lot of potential (and we can clearly see that his new channel Have a Seat With Chris Hansen has proved that).

Gus and Eddy’s commentary reads as goodhearted fun as they try to teach someone from an older generation the ins and outs of their way of life. It’s funny, it’s nice. It’s like if you have your parent or grandparent asking why they keep accidentally taking screenshots when they press certain buttons on their phone.

That video caused a change in the Hansen V. Predator channel. It grew in subscribers, and it grew in quality. That would have made for a happy ending to this little saga, but the story doesn’t stop there…

Boys Support Boys 3.jpg

Act III: Boys Support Boys

May 10th, 2019

Less than a month after their initial video about Hansen’s channel, it came to Gus and Eddy’s attention that the two of them had been blocked by Chris Hansen’s channel. They made a video pretending to be absolutely devastated. This video lead to what is now a trademark of Gus, Eddy, and their podcast.

Gus: Thanks to our video, and the wonderfully kind, welcoming community we like to cultivate here, Chris’ channel went from like 2000 [subscribers] to now 20000 subs in just a couple of weeks.

Eddy: Boys supp- [Eddy gets choked up]

Gus: You okay? Come on. [He puts an arm around Eddy and gestures for the camera to stop filming.]

Eddy: Boys support boys, Chris.

Gus: Boys support boys, Chris.

Eddy: We supported you, our boys supported you!

Gus: Are you going to do this to my guy, Eddy?

Eddy: Are you going to do this to my guy, me?!

[They laugh]

Gus and Eddy noted that though all their suggested changes were made by Hansen’s crew, and acknowledged by the Hansen V. Predator channel (see the 1:51 mark). But after that, when Gus tried to participate in a Hansen V. Predator live chat, only to find out that the two of them were blocked.

And the way they responded to make a similar video to their first one, complaining about being blocked. And it’s really funny, just a solid ten minutes of these two making jokes about the situation. And as far as I can tell, this is the first video of theirs that uses the phrase “Boys support boys.”

“This is where we show the strength of this community; we go full positive even when we’re shadow banned from the Chris Hansen channel.” – Eddy

Gus and Eddy have since turned the phrase into something of a calling card among their fans. Another one of their friends Whenever one of their friends puts out a new video, they share it, because “Boys support boys.” Eddy appeared on Philip DeFranco’s A Conversation With podcast, DeFranco joked that everyone in the comments would just be spamming “Boys Support Boys.” (And yes, the video acknowledges, “Boys support boys” also refers to girls and women, it’s not just boys and men.) I’m just glad to see that Gus and Eddy have managed to turn a negative situation – if a mostly harmless and humorous situation – into a positive one. Boys Support Boys.

This post is mostly filler, and I wanted to take a break from Star Wars as I’m working on my last posts on the series for the foreseeable future and how one joke became a rallying call for appreciation of any online content.

Boys Support Boys 1

So let me bring it back to what I mentioned in the beginning: Go watch Have a Seat With Chris Hansen, in which Hansen interviews the many victims of Greg “Onision” Jackson, one of the true villains of the platform. Boys support boys who bring down sexual predators.

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