Ranking the Star Wars Planets – Starloggers Guest Post

Recently, when ruminating on the success of the failures of the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, I was thinking about planet designs, and I began to wonder; were the planets that George Lucas designed more inspired, more fleshed out, and generally better, than the ones we saw in the sequel trilogy?

Well, after creating a 30-point scale and grading each planet in the franchise, I finaly have the answer: Yes! …And no.

But let me talk a little bit more about that scale. It’s 30 points across 3 categories:

Plot Significance – how relevant is this planet to the overarching story of the Skywalker Saga and its relevant spinoffs? Does the planet have its own story?

Design – basically, just what it sounds like. To what extent can the little details about this planet charm the audience and make them feel like their visiting a different world.

Plausibility – Does this world feel lived in? Is there an economy that makes sense? Is there a political situation that makes sense?

I was really inspired to make this ranking the more I thought about it; Coruscant, Tatooine, Mustafar, Crait, Naboo, Corellia… (and goddamn it, Hosnian Prime…) I had a lot of thoughts about these planets, and I wanted to put them into a post.

So recently, for Starloggers.com, I wrote a guest post which sought to rank every significant (and some of the less significant) planets from the eleven live-action Star Wars movies.

Here is Part 1: Ranking the Star Wars Planets, Part I

And here is Part 2: Ranking the Star Wars Planets, Part II

And honestly, if you aren’t already following Starloggers, you should. It’s a really terrific blog, and I can’t recommend it enough.

  • What do you think is the best-designed planet in Star Wars? Is that planet your personal favorite?
  • What is the worst planet in Star Wars, and why is it Hosnian Prime?

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