In Defense of “Roll Credits” Moments

A debate that’s gradually been unfolding over the past few years in the film-criticism section of YouTube is the value of CinemaSins. a YouTube channel best known for their “Everything Wrong With _____” videos in which they go frame by frame through movies, nitpicking everything from continuity errors to acting/directorial decisions and everything in between.… Continue reading In Defense of “Roll Credits” Moments

Spooky versus Scary: Prisoner of Azkaban as a Horror Film (Kind of)

Halloween is upon us, meaning that everyone is socially obligated to consume horror media. Horror, more than any other genre, forces the audience to tap into their emotion. The ultimate goal of many horror is to make the viewer feel the same dread and fear that the characters do. My issue is that movies in… Continue reading Spooky versus Scary: Prisoner of Azkaban as a Horror Film (Kind of)

Do You Believe in Magic: Religion in the World of Harry Potter

There is one major facet of life we never truly see in the Magical world: Religion. The fundamental question regarding religions in the Wizarding World is this: if muggles use religion to explain the unexplained, how does a world of magic, that already goes beyond the laws of the natural world, regard things that are beyond explanation? Do they have any beliefs? Is there anything that would push beyond the bounds of the wizarding world? Do they regard Harry’s miraculous survival(s)?