Saint Peter Parker: Christian Allegory in Superhero Movies

Two thousand years of western fiction have lead to what is one of the most common storytelling tropes. It’s been in everything from The Old Man and the Sea and The Grapes of Wrath to Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Characters who take exhibit qualities resembling the Bible’s Jesus Christ hold a special place in fiction, because of what they indicate… Continue reading Saint Peter Parker: Christian Allegory in Superhero Movies

Captain’s Log: March 2017

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy semester for me, so again, I thank all my readers for being patient in my new every-other-week schedule. In this post, I’m going to be covering some of the bigger stories/events from February and March, since I missed the Captain’s Log post for February. Logan This month, Logan debuted to strong… Continue reading Captain’s Log: March 2017

PCS Person of the Year

So, you might have heard that TIME magazine recently announced their person of the year, and their selection ruffled a few feathers. Honestly, it seems a little arbitrary, since in 1938 they chose Adolf Hitler and in 1939 they chose Joseph Stalin, and have picked every president-elect since then. Let’s just remember in 2006 when… Continue reading PCS Person of the Year

Captain’s Log: September 2016

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Hooray! 50 years ago this month, the first episode of Star Trek aired! Since I’ve only seen a few movies here and there, I’ve never been crazy-passionate about the franchise, but I adore movies like The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek (2009). Each great sci fi franchise has an overarching theme, and… Continue reading Captain’s Log: September 2016

Personal Favorites: Introduction and Honorable Mentions

Recently, I joined twitter and saw that the hashtag “#Fav7Films” was trending. I took great interest in what people said were their seven favorite films were, and I thought of my own. This inspired me to rewatch my favorite films and decide just what it is that I love about them. I then decided to… Continue reading Personal Favorites: Introduction and Honorable Mentions