Personal Favorites: Django Unchained

DISCLAIMER: Django Unchained is a work which depicts another time period in which people spoke differently. The film uses many racial slurs to depict the Antebellum South. It is almost impossible to discuss this movie without bringing up a specific racial slur. I will be quoting this movie in certain spots and thus will have to say… Continue reading Personal Favorites: Django Unchained

Personal Favorites: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

You know what genre Hollywood could stand to have a little more of? The Action/Comedy/Musical hybrid genre. To my knowledge, I can only think of two. The first is 1980’s The Blues Brothers, which featured criminals who played blues getting into spectacular car chases and car wrecks. The other is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Scott Pilgrim… Continue reading Personal Favorites: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Personal Favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life

To clarify, this post was later in the “Personal Favorites” schedule, but given that Christmas is soon, I thought it would be smart to skip ahead to the #2 movie on the list: It’s a Wonderful Life, the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Watching It’s a Wonderful Life has become an annual holiday tradition for many American families,… Continue reading Personal Favorites: It’s a Wonderful Life

Personal Favorites: The Empire Strikes Back

In science fiction cinema, (for whatever reason, this happens most frequently in SciFi) there are what I call “the Holy Sequels.” Great second installments in beloved franchises which surpass the original, or in the case of certain franchises, are held on an equal level to a superb first entry. The Holy Sequels are Star Trek… Continue reading Personal Favorites: The Empire Strikes Back

Personal Favorites: Snowpiercer

The only moments when I take objection to the success of The Hunger Games is when I remember how criminally underrated Snowpiercer is. To a much greater degree, and in a much more linear fashion, Snowpiercer tells a dystopian story of class warfare and rebellion. For the unfamiliar, the plot of Snowpiercer runs pretty much like this: The “Snowpiercer” is the name of… Continue reading Personal Favorites: Snowpiercer