Wisdom from The Way Of Kings

[This post has spoilers for Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings] These are scary times we’re living in. COVID-19 has the world in its grasp, with thousands of more people contracting the disease every single day. Experts suggest maintaining “social distancing” and not leaving your house if not entirely necessary. With businesses shutting down, the economy… Continue reading Wisdom from The Way Of Kings

Mother of Madness: The Cersei Lannister Scene Thrones Fans Choose to not Remember

Every character on Game of Thrones has a tragic backstory before the series starts, except for, perhaps the Stark kids, who see their fair share of trauma early on in the series, and Joffrey, who doesn’t need a tragedy to act like a jerk. Other than that, just about everyone has a tragedy in their past: Daenerys… Continue reading Mother of Madness: The Cersei Lannister Scene Thrones Fans Choose to not Remember

Do You Believe in Magic: Religion in the World of Harry Potter

There is one major facet of life we never truly see in the Magical world: Religion. The fundamental question regarding religions in the Wizarding World is this: if muggles use religion to explain the unexplained, how does a world of magic, that already goes beyond the laws of the natural world, regard things that are beyond explanation? Do they have any beliefs? Is there anything that would push beyond the bounds of the wizarding world? Do they regard Harry’s miraculous survival(s)?

Passing the Sentence: Public Execution as a Motif on Game of Thrones

“Violence, specifically, public execution, is quite possibly the most interesting concept in the series. Some of the show’s most critical moments come from execution. The lawful (and sometimes unlawful) termination of certain characters is a vein that runs through the series, and unites characters hundreds miles away. This is notion became particularly relevant, as Season 5 hardly had a shortage of such executions.”