Survivor Contestant Ranking: David vs Goliath Edition

Hey everyone! Due to a bad hard drive, I was forced to push back the release of my Survivor contestant rankings.  So, when I originally wanted to have the posts completed by the David vs Goliath finale, it ended up being pushed to… well, after the following season with a brand new cast.  Because of… Continue reading Survivor Contestant Ranking: David vs Goliath Edition

Survivor Contestant Rankings: #50-26

Domenick Abbate (Ghost Island) Domenick’s story is told in two parts: Chris Noble rivalry & post Chris Noble rivalry. During the pre-merge, Dom is feuding with Chris, and most of his confessionals can be boiled down to: “I want Chris voted out ASAP!”, then he would do some crazy idol hunting. As you can tell,… Continue reading Survivor Contestant Rankings: #50-26

Survivor Contestant Ranking: #125-101

Michael Yerger (Ghost Island) Michael was the underdog of Ghost Island.  He never had the numbers and was stuck on the ‘cursed’ Malolo tribe. However, where everyone else was willing to make the boring ‘Naviti Strong’ votes, Michael was the only one willing to fight back.  The best part of the season was when he… Continue reading Survivor Contestant Ranking: #125-101

Survivor Contestant Rankings: #200-176

Susie Smith (Gabon) One of the sad truths about Survivor is that there are usually a couple players that are meant to be eliminated early on because they aren’t good at challenges, or don’t have a strategic mind.  Typically, it’s an older woman.  Susie is one of these players. However, this is Gabon, so of… Continue reading Survivor Contestant Rankings: #200-176