Game of Thrones at the Emmys

Earlier this week, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones went to the Emmys one last time – with what was easily their worst season. I don’t have too too much to say about them, but there were a few highpoints I wanted to hit.

Peter Dinklage won Best Actor in a Drama Series for the fourth time. No real surprise there – even if his character was not exceedingly well, everyone knows that he’s such a talented actor that gave a great performance with what he was given.

And his speech was pretty heartwarming too. Part of it got cut off because he used some kind of profanity, and you can’t tell what he’s saying and I’d really like to know because the crowd found it pretty funny.

The other award the show received for the fourth time was Outstanding Drama Series. This is one case where I think you can more clearly dispute whether or not the show deserved it, especially with stuff like Better Call Saul, This is Us, and Ozark nominated. This season was very clearly weaker than the rest. It’s kind of like what happens with the Oscars – an actor might not win because he gave the best performance, he might just win because he’s “due.” Game of Thrones’ victory might not mean it was the best show on TV this year, just that they wanted to recognize the cumulative achievement of the entire show.

The technical awards the show won included: Casting, Editing, Sound Editing, Title Design, Sound Mixing, Makeup, Visual Effects, Stunt Coordination, Music Composition, and Costuming. And I agree with all of those – they’re all crucial elements to building the world of Westeros, and everyone involved brought Westeros to life.

On the red carpet, Emilia Clarke was asked about the “backlash” the eighth season received. It’s notable to ask Emilia Clarke, because out of all the characters who had bad writing in Season 8, Daenerys clearly had the worst. Her reactions to interview questions prior to the season premiering all kind of danced around questions like “Are you happy with the final season?” But now that the season has aired, and the dust has settled a little bit, she can finally say how she feels. When asked about the fans not being satisfied with the last season she said:

It was profoundly flattering. … When someone cares that much, that they’re ready to make such a noise about how they believed the characters should have been finished and how the story should have gone. That’s just enormously flattering!

What a diplomatic answer! She is just about the sweetest woman in Hollywood. Shine on, Emilia Clarke.

I am very glad that “The Iron Throne” script I wrote about a few months ago did NOT win Outstanding Writing. That thing was a joke. If we couldn’t have the joy of having the script for “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” nominated, I’m glad that at least “The Iron Throne” didn’t win.

Game of Thrones has become one of the most Emmy-awarded shows in history. With all of these prequels that are in various stages of development, one has to wonder if they’ll receive as much critical acclaim.

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