More Greatest Hits: Blogging Search Terms Part 2!

This is a follow-up to my post Blogging Search Terms; or, My Greatest Hits where I used WordPress Search Terms to create a kind of a Q&A. How this basically works is that in some cases, WordPress analytics allows me to see what people searched on google to find this blog. So, below, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite search terms, and put them into a question-and-answer style format.

More Search Terms 1

Old, but gold

Let’s talk about posts that feel like they’re from a long time ago! I’ve been blogging since mid-2015, so it’s been a hot second.

“star wars and avatar the last airbender”

Whoa! Glad to see this post is still getting hits. In the first year of my blog – 2015 – I wrote about potential connections between the Star Wars movies and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The similarities I point out are rather surface-level, but still. I like it. I’d be interested to see if Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the same model of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as Star Wars. I’ll bet it does.

“jon snow christ figure”

And here’s another one, in which I compared Jon Snow against he commonly recurring Christ-Figure motif in so many movies and classic literature like we see in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. This post was later republished by another online magazine, and so I’m pretty proud of it. One thing that made me particularly proud was that I found another website which had covered this post, and credited my blog and mentioned my name.

S6E1 6

“what do you call the harry potter religion” / “do they have religion in the harry potter universe”

In 2015, I wrote a post about “Hey, what do the people in the Wizarding World believe?” I mean, they celebrate Christmas, do they believe in Christ? There are ghosts, so there is some kind of afterlife, but no one makes a big deal about it. Order of the Phoenix gets close to addressing this, when Sirius gets killed and Harry asks Nearly-Headless Nick what happened to Sirius’ soul. This is a topic I’d love to see explored more in Fantastic Beasts or whatever else The Wizarding World has to offer, but no, instead we get Crimes of Grindelwald‘s big reveal of [SPOILER REDACTED] actually being [SPOILER REDACTED] and JK Rowling’s insider information about how wizards pooped.

“how to make a good trailer” / “what makes a good trailer”

Another post that seems to be read by a lot of people who find my blog through google searches: What makes a good trailer? And the general consensus I reached with that one was: Show enough to interest the viewer, but don’t show everything. There’s a certain formula with trailers, and you can use that to your advantage (as with the third Man of Steel trailer) or you can ignore the formula entirely (as with the Disaster Artist teaser) but most importantly, show what makes your movie unique (The Revenant trailer which shows how flawless the action in that movie is).

“ego is the best marvel villain” / “ego the living planet is such an underrated villain” / “why was ego the living planet a bad villain” / “is kurt russell a good villiam” / “ego the living planet good or bad”

Ego 7

As you can see, I’ve gotten quite a few searches relating to my post about Guadians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, titled The MCU Villain Problem: But What About Ego? I think Kurt Russell’s character Ego is one of the best villains in the MCU.

Ego was the turning point of the MCU villain problem; after Guardians Vol. 2, we started getting amazing MCU villains. Before Ego, there was Zemo, Kaecilius, Ronan the Accuser, and whatever that dude from Ant-Man is called. After Ego, there was Michael Keaton’s Vulture, there was Jeff Goldblum’s Grand Master, and perhaps the best, there was Thanos and Killmonger. But as the midway point between forgettable and memorable, there was Kurt Russell’s Ego, who was so perfect in terms of performance, themes, and design. I certainly don’t think Ego gets the love he deserves.

On Game of Thrones

“joffrey to tyrian now that the war is won”

Joff 1

Yes, this is a quote I highlighted in the post A Time for Wisdom: Humanizing Joffrey Baratheon. My argument there was that Joffrey ignored his best male role models (such as Tyrion, or even Tywin), and instead favors people like Ser Merryn. King Robert was totally negligent as a father, and set a rather negative example for Joffrey.

I started writing that post with the gimmick that Joffrey’s line “Now that the war is won, we should all find a time to wisdom,” might have been some secret indication that he was a good guy, and instead found that Joffrey has a little bit more nuance than people give him credit for. I wouldn’t actually end up arguing that he was secretly good, as I initially tried to in that post, but it’s easy to see where some of his flaws come from.

“how to be like lord varys”

I’d written about how Varys was one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters, and I do stand by that he’s a compelling character and interesting to watch. I don’t think he’s a perfect model to follow, because he does some pretty terrible things, such as trying to coordinate Daenerys’ murder in Season 1 and Season 8. The argument is that he does it for the greater good, and that seems true, but he’s still not perfect.

But still, I admire Varys being so invested in this principle of fighting for the ultimate good, and being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  His “either be worthy of my support or kill me” speech in the beginning of Season 7 really rings true.

“why varys will take the throne”

Oh, honey… I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry ;(

“does peter dinklage object to being called a dwarf”

I remember looking into this at some point and finding that Dinklage preferred the term  “dwarf,” HOWEVER, I could not find anything to resubstantiate that, so I would assume it is wrong…. The one thing I did find is that Dinklage absolutely hates the term “Little Person,” and would actually prefer the term “midget.” That doesn’t exactly answer the question, but perhaps now you know what the wrong answer is.

Personal Favorites

In my “Personal Favorites” Series, I wrote about ten movies that really mean a lot to me, including 12 Angry Men, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Django Unchained.

“12 angry men characters ranking”


Now these are some hard hitting questions! Let’s go, I’m going to rank the 12 jurors from Twelve Angry Men from my least favorite to my favorite, let’s go.

12. Juror 10 – the racist one. He’s pretty one-note and uninteresting
11. Juror 7, the one who wants to go to the baseball game and makes a lot of jokes – I don’t like him, and that’s the point
10. Juror 6
9. Juror 12 – The Indecisive One
8. Juror 2 – he’s the soft-spoken one with the glasses. I like him, I guess?
7.  Juror 1, the Foreman – he’s just kind of interesting to watch because he MC’s the whole thing
6. Juror 5, The man who is at first mild-mannered, but later reveals he has knowledge of knife fights
5. Juror 11, the immigrant who pleads for due process
4. Juror 9, the Old Man – the first person to actually take a gamble and hear out Henry Fonda. That’s a big moment
3. Juror 3, Lee J. Cobb, the Villain of the movie, who is the last person to ultimately relent on his verdict
2. Juror 4, the Rational One – I really like him because he works as an antagonist and is smart but he’s not evil like Lee Cobb’s character is, he’s actually sympathetic and just very skeptical
1. Juror 8, Henry Fonda, the main guy – no surprise here, he practically carries the movie, I think

“the funniest character in twelve angry men”

Wow, I mean… Imagine watching Twelve Angry Men and being like “Okay, but which of those dudes is the funniest?”

But I suppose it raises an interesting question. There’s the sports fan who’s clearly trying to be the comic relief character, but the audience is not supposed to find him funny, they’re supposed to find him rude and annoying. There’s the racist who goes on a very racist tirade that is so cringe that even the jurors who agreed the defendant was guilty, and that’s funny in today’s context. The first time that really got me the first time I saw the movie was that the camera does this absurd close-up on the old man when he begins to change his opinion.

“best part of scott pilgrim vs the world”

It’s really tough to pick a favorite scene from Scott Pilgrim, but in my Personal Favorites post I mentioned that I do like all the visual gags, like in this scene.

“unchained django tupac trumpets”

Okay so this search refers to “Unchained,” a song from the Django Unchained soundtrack that is actually a mashup of two previously-existing songs – “The Big Payback” by James Brown and “Untouchable” by Tupac. It’s an absolute banger and was used in commercials for Django Unchained.

On Star Wars: The Last Jedi

“are critics paid disney” “does marvel pay critics” / “disney paying critics” / “dosney paus crotocs” [sic]

No, they do not.

“rotten tomatoes paid by disney”

Okay, this one really gets me because it’s just a sillier version of asking if critics are paid by Disney, because Rotten Tomatoes does just a little more than aggregating all the reviews from critics. And if they were paid by Disney, why would they still allow movies like A Wrinkle in Time, The Rise of Skywalker, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Dumbo (2019), Aladdin (2019), The Lion King (2019), Noelle, Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to have a “Rotten” score? Literally, check all of them, none of them are above 60%. Are you going to tell me that Disney pays to have all those movies fail so they can have The Last Jedi, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel succeed?

Considering all the money Disney makes from these movies, if they are paying these critics, they’re doing a rather bad job of it, wouldn’t you agree? The Critics conspiracy is like the Shakespeare Truth-ism conspiracy; the people spouting these laughably unfounded mistruths do it out of a belief that the critics must either be wrong or that the literary establishment couldn’t universally love someone so clearly. And frankly, I think anyone purporting these theories should be laughed out of any discussion.

“canto bight convienance”

I suppose you could argue that it’s a little convenient during the escape from the jail cell; if DJ could just break out of jail at any time, why didn’t he? While I think that’s a fair point, I’m not sure if it makes the Canto Bight scenes as unwatchable as these people like to pretend it is.


“last jedi stupid”

You’re stupid!

“holdo is an idiot”

You’re an idiot!

But seriously, this one I have to object to. People like to say that Holdo should have shared her plans with Poe, and if she had, he wouldn’t have mutinied, but like… If he’s mounting a mutiny, maybe you shouldn’t trust him. In fact, when Poe shares Holdo’s plan with Finn and Rose, he inadvertently shares it with DJ, who shares it with the First Order to sell out the Resistance…


“youtube everything wrong with it”

Geez, how much time do you have?

I always love watching videos about the YouTube “Algorithm” and hearing how its content creators complain about it. For more on the Algorithm, I would most likely recommend the Philip Defranco Show, or Philip Defranco’s A Conversation With podcast.

One of the more egregious things is the YouTuber Onision – who is currently being investigated by Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator and the FBI – but still manages to have a thriving channel.

“who was wednesdays grift partner”

American Gods 3

Referring to Mr. Wednesday from American Gods; I’m going to be so upset when production troubles cancel the American Gods television show. Like, it’s going to happen; they’ve lost so many talented actors that it seems like they must be doing something wrong behind the scenes. The show has been leaving breadcrumb foreshadowing leading up to a big reveal, just as the book did. I wrote about that after the first season of the show, (SPOILERS) but Season 2 had another moment which foreshadowed big reveals.

“mediocre movies with great scenes”

Oh, this is cool! I’m glad someone is searching for this, because I was thinking of doing a second part of this post as well. In March 2018 I wrote “Great Scenes in Bad/Mediocre/Okay Movies.”

“the stand stephen king influence on pop culture”

the Stand 3

I love The Stand, and I’m excited as all hell for it to be adapted again, even if it is on CBS all access. From the moment I finished it, it was one of my favorite books. But tracing the impact of it on pop culture seems like a substantial undertaking. I’d assume it’s clearest impact would be on post-apocalypse stories; after The Stand, we’re probably more likely to have post-apocalypse stories with religious themes, and a more clear framing of good and evil, rather than just people trying to survive.

“he said the title roll credits”

As I said in this post, there’s this joke from CinemaSins but I wrote a post highlighting how I think saying the title in a movie can kind of work as an exclamation point – a moment which reminds the audience “HEY! THIS IS IMPORTANT!”

“David Thewlis”

This was actually my most common search term in 2019, and God, I love David Thewlis.

“fixing the pirates of the caribbean”

Yeah this was another post I did a few years ago. I absolutely love the Pirates franchise, despite the fact that it hasn’t had a “Good” movie since 2003. Like Star Wars, I kind of enjoy these movies, even the “bad” ones I still end up enjoying. (Though Dead Men Tells No Tales was my Attack of the Clones, there was very little to praise.)

But basically, if I were at the helm (pun intended) of the franchise, here’s what I’d do:

Jungle Cruise 4

  • Lighter Tone – not everything needs to be the end of the world. Crack jokes, make it so the characters aren’t fighting over something that entails the fate of the free world or anything super-serious.
  • No more undead pirates – in every movie, there’s been some kind of undead capacity, and it’s getting tired.
  • No magic – I mean, just give the characters monetary treasure to fight over. Isn’t that enough?
  • Simple plot – no convoluted macguffins and quadruple-betrayals like we saw in At World’s End, just give us something straightforward
  • If you want to keep Jack Sparrow, maybe recast him – I recommended Jemaine Clement, but creating a new character might be a better idea

But I think it might be time to go full reboot: new characters, new treasure. Maybe do similar settings, but present new stories?

And listen, with Disney+, now’s the time! Do a PotC series! Make it happen!


Anyway, that’s all of the interesting search terms I found – for those of you who also have WordPress Blogs, what’s the most interesting things you’ve found in the Search Terms?

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